Advantages to Political Parties/Candidates

Personalise Campaigns

Personalised Reach

Campaigns influence voters in many ways. One of the major influential factors is the face value of the supporter and the relationship between him and the voter. Since the campaign contents are shared here by supporters among their friends, colleagues and families, it feels more personalised and fetches more positive response as compared to other centralised campaigns.

Appeal Vote Visually

Appeal Vote Visually

Traditional and virtual ways of appealing vote is through SMS & Voice Calls. Now you could appeal vote through personalised videos, sharing your achievements, showing fact files, circulating infographics and thus effortlessly convincing voters than never before.

fully automated

Fully Automated

One of the best and unique advantages is that your volunteers need not do anything in particular to share the campaign contents with their social media accounts and whatsapp contacts. They only need to review the campaign contents and approve it, rest being done by the Crowdbro app automatically. Volunteers can also enable auto approval. Once enabled, all further campaigns will automatically be started without volunteers’ approval. This feature ensures 100% participation of all your volunteers in your campaigns.

No Paid Advertisement

No More Paid Advertisement

Build 100% organic reach of your campaign across facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, whatsapp and sms. Organic reach will increase your reputation and saves huge on your campaign budget. No more Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per View (CPV), Cost Per Impression (CPI) and sponsored contents

65% Cost Saving

65% Cost Saving

Your supporters use their free SMS & Data to reach the voters so you can save the huge costs on running centralised campaigns. You can run unlimited rounds of campaigns without worrying about your budget

Reach All Social Medias

Reach All Social Medias

In India, 90% of smartphones are installed with Facebook & WhatsApp, 50% with Twitter, 30% with Instagram and 10% with Linkedin. So your campaign is sure to cover all the various social medias.

Reach Offline Voters

Reach Offline Voters Too

Irrespective of the huge and increasing number of smartphone users, there still exist many voters who don't own a smartphone. They could be reached via SMS & Voice Calls. SMS will be send from your supporters' phone and voice calls broadcasted using our cloud telephony services.


Measure the Campaign

If you can't measure then you can't manage it! Measure the reach and engagements of your campaigns in all stages with our 360 degree campaign analytics which helps you to adopt the best campaign strategy.