How it Works ?

10,000 Party Supporters = Reach to 10,00,000+

Voters Guaranteed


Lets supporters promote your campaign without any cost and ensures 200% guaranteed and personalised reach compared to any other marketing mediums in the world.

Guaranteed Savings of 65% of your Campaign Cost !


Create A Public Profile in CrowdBro Platform & Publish it


Invite Your Supporters by sending an SMS / WhatsApp


Supporters Download the Mobile App & Start Supporting You


Create A Campaign in CrowdBro Platform for Your Supporters


Supporters' Get Notification in their Phone, Review the Campaign Contents & Approve Your Campaign (This step can skip if supporters enabled Auto Approval)


Crowdbro automatically shares your campaign to WhatsApp, SMS Contacts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & All Social Media Apps installed in your Supporters' Phone.

Fully Automated... No manual action is required from your supporters to share the campaign. This enables the sharing of your campaign with all the supporters' contacts and social medias effortlessly and ensures 100% organic and guaranteed reach to the voters..

Watch The Demo Video For Better Understanding !

How It Works Video

We are 100% confident that this 2 minutes video, which is a leap forth from the hitherto experimented strategies, is going to change your conventional thoughts regarding election campaigning methods. Watch how the World's First & Only Crowd Broadcasting Tool Can emerge you as a Winner

Crowd Bro Supports Automatic Content Sharing to Following Applications